Site Map

Project Information Management System Core Functionality
Personalized Dashboard
Visual bird-eye level Portfolio Overview
Notifications (workflow & communication monitoring tracking)
Reminders (upcoming and overdue events, deadlines and pending actions)
Projects Management
Basic project form
Visual project time-line with separate milestone forms
Search filters
Important Milestones
Project Roles & Contacts
Dates & Milestone Events
Project Library
Project Diary (Notes)
Tracked Mail Communication
Resource Mobilisation
Account Analysis
Delivery Analysis
Financial Overview
Umbrellas Management
Advanced Grouping of Projects and parts of their Project Trees to independent Reporting Units
Advanced Search Features
Simple Project Level Search
Advanced Full Text Search across documents of Project Library
Search & Visualization of project locations on World Map
Centralized Mail Inbox Processing
(filtering, processing, capturing and tracking of online communication via Project Library)
Outgoing Communication Monitoring
(Internal / External, Overview & Search)
Distribution Lists Management
(Recipient Groups List Management)
Registries Management
(Integration with Office365 or any IMAP/ POP3 Mail services)
Contracts and Workload Management
Contracts Management
Deliverables Management
Linking contractors with projects
Budget, Travel Budget, Outputs, Contract Duration Tracking
Contract Expiration Mail Notifications
Contracts and Deliverables
Consultants Workload
Submission Deadlines (on many sophisticated search criteria)
Resource Mobilisation
RM Targets Management
Monitoring/Reporting against set Targets
Full RM Overview - by various breakdowns, aggregate functions, visual charts, RM At PIF/Concept, RM at CEO ER Comparison
Delivery Analysis
Detailed Annual UNDP-GEF Delivery Analysis
KK Based
GL Based
Quarters Level Reporting
Detailed Cumulative UNDP-GEF Delivery Analysis
Actual / Historical Snapshots based on Cut-Off Date
UNDP Delivery Analysis
KK Based
GL Based
Workload Analysis
By Regions / Technical Teams / Custom Teams
Financial Clearances
Top Level Statistics
Breakdown by Key Milestones
Breakdown by SoF Family
Breakdown by Users
Personalized Reports
PIMS ID Level (RM Based)
Atlas ID Level (Atlas Output Based)
Highly customizable grid (option to choose from over 40 columns with filters & search)
Advanced Projects Categorization
System-wide search presets
Custom search presets
Key Project Milestones
PIR Quality Assessment
Guidance and General Documentation
Online Guidance
Official Templates Database
with track of previous versions
Atlas Integration
Data synchronized daily. Last synchronization finished on Oct 18, 2021, 6:38:03 PM
Awards, Outputs, Activities, Accounts
Award / Output Statuses
Activity Level GL Expenses
Prepayments, NEX Advances, Undepreciated Fixed Assets, Inventory
GL Expenses Summary, Activity Level GL Expenses, Income, Account Analysis
Atlas Budget, ASLs
Project Details (Output/Activity Level KK Expenditures, Commitments and Budget)
Implementing Agents
Manual CSV/Excel Import
Import Process Status
Imported Data Status
Basic Statistics (Cardinality by Financial Item, Yer, Period), Account Exceptions Overview)
Downloadable full Atlas Data Grid
Atlas Activities Management
Activity Level Expenditures Management
Atlas Account Codes Breakdown Management
Fees Breakdown Management
Predefined Financial System Settings
Predefined Account Groups, Current Financial Year and other important settings
Combined Time-Lines, Resource Mobilisation, Financial Components and Trustee Commitments Report
Default Fee Rates Management
Disbursement Schedule
Financial Components Management
Implementing Agents
Implementing Partners & Responsible Parties
Management Arrangements
Resource Mobilisation Components Management
Sources of Funds
Sources of Fund Families
STAR Allocations
UNDP Recipient Budgetary Departments
Project Life-Cycle Management
Project Types
Project Stages
Project Statuses
Replenishment Periods Management
Multi-level Date types management (Anticipated, Actual), linkage with Project Statuses and different Project Types
Standardized Documents Type management, linkage with Project Statuses and different Project Types
Milestones Management
Time-lines Management
For all project types and replenishment periods
Standardized/Common UNDP(GEF) Milestones Management
Administration Dashboard & Dynamic Data Management
GEF Core Indicators
Council Meetings
Focal Areas
GCF Focus
GCF Result Areas
GEF Strategic Objectives
Joint Agencies
Project Roles
Project Scopes
Project Sectors
GEF Regions
Signature Programmes
Sources of Co-Financing
Types of Co-Financing
Sustainable Development Goals
Technical Teams
Thematic Areas
System Management & Settings
Users Management
Roles, Roles Hierarchy and Access Management
Database Consistency Dashboard
Data Clean-up process monitoring
PIMS+ for UNDP Country Offices
Country / Region Level Portfolio Overview
Personalized Dashboard
Full Projects List & Search
Overall Delivery Analysis Overview and Charts
Detailed Delivery Analysis
Geo-spatial Visual Map with Overview of Project Locations
Downloadable PDF Overview
UNDP Core Indicators
Sustainable Development Gals
Signature Solutions
Online old-time-sheets
Compehensive Project Documentation Search
UNDP-GEF Annual Delivery Analysis
Combined GL/KK level
Breakdown by Operating Units, Countries, Sources of Funds, Replenishment Periods, Years, Quarters, Project Types and more
UNDP-GEF Cumulative Delivery Analysis
GL Level Expenditures against Grant and Received Contributions
Breakdown by Business Units, Sources of Funds, Replenishment Periods, Project Types and more
Overall UNDP Delivery Analysis (GL/KK Level)
GL/KK Level Expenditures
Project / Expenditure based report
Breakdown by Business Units, Operating Units, Departments, Atlas Outputs, Funds, Donors and more
Project Level Features
Detailed Current Year and Overall Financial Status Overview
Account Analysis & Exceptions Overview
Delivery By Activities
Online Budget Revision Sheets Submission (ASLs / AWPs)
Access to Key Milestone Events, Dates and Documents
PIRs / APRs Online Submissions & Historical Overview
Annual Reporting Module for GEF PIRs & GCF APRs
User friendly multi-step form with online guidance
Aggregated Reports
Integration with PIMS+ Project Library and Financial Module
Management Interface
Management of Dynamic Report Structure
Report Groups (Types) Management
Distribution Lists Management
Quality Rating
Bundle Export